AEM Recommendation Generator

The AEM Recommendation generator is a content based recommendation engine which reads the metadata from pages and finds the similar pages to generates the relevant recommendations on a website to improve user experience and retention rate.

Offline WebPage Editor - Chrome Extension

Offline WebPage Editor is Chrome extension which allows users to temporarily try content changes directly on Published pages without opening Author instance.

AEM-Mahout Connector

AEM-Mahout Connector brings power of Machine Learning algorithms to AEM. Apache Mahout is an algorithm library for scalable machine learning, using this connector you can use various ML alogithm with AEM. This connector was showcased at adaptto() 2016.

AEM-Wookie Connector

AEM-Wookie Connector makes creating interactive websites in AEM easy. Apache Wookie is a server application which comes with pre-installed interactive widgets, Wookie-AEM Connector lets you use these interactive widgets on AEM websites. This connector was showcased at AEMHub 2015.